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Military Science and Leadership

The Military Science and Leadership Program (Army ROTC) in the University of Richmond’s School of Arts & Sciences prepares highly talented students for careers in the U.S. Army while pursuing the major of their choice through a true focus on academics, university athletics and campus leadership opportunities. Students receive a scholarship worth up to $160,000 to cover four years of tuition, book fees and a monthly stipend in exchange for making a commitment of military service, either as an active duty or reserve military officer.

High school applicants and current undergraduate students can compete for scholarships covering full tuition or room and board in addition to a $1,200 annual book stipend based on their qualities as scholars, athletes and leaders.

100 and 200 level military science courses are open as electives to all students. Every cadet that contracts into the program (regardless of scholarship status) receives a monthly stipend from $300 to $500 and works toward commissioning as a second lieutenant upon graduation and service in the active duty, Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

Cadets enjoy being paired with cadet and cadre members who support them throughout their time in the program and advise them on Army assignments and career opportunities after the Army. Richmond cadets are higly competitive in receiving their first choice for Army branch assignments after graduation, as well as educational delays for qualified students who wish to attend law school, medical school or another graduate program prior to fulfilling their military service commitment.

Students who complete the program learn essential leadership and management skills that make them superior U.S. Army officers--but also make them extremely desirable to civilian employers.