During the week, UR ROTC training consists of the “Military Science and Leadership Course,” which is a half unit to one unit course. First-year students take the course for only one half unit, sophomores take it for one half unit and juniors and seniors take it for one unit. In addition, students participate in one weekend training event (48 hours) each semester.

It may not seem like a lot of class time, but faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that cadets receive exceptional leadership and development training. Every training event is a well-planned, focused and quality event.

Training at Richmond

Physical Readiness Training (PRT) (Fall/Spring Semester)

Fall Leader Developmental Exercise (48 hours - each Fall Semester)

Spring Leader Developmental Exercise (48 hours - each Spring Semester)

Spring Brigade Joint Leader and Developmental Exercise (36 hours - Juniors only)

CLC CIET (28 days between junior and senior year)