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Scholarships and Awards 

Qualified cadets receive full-tuition and fees. A prospective student can be awarded a scholarship for tuition, stipend, and book fees worth up to $160,000 over the course of a four year college career. The University of Richmond Spider Battalion provides two through four-year scholarships that cover the entire cost of tuition and fees at the host and partnership schools. In addition to the scholarship, contracted cadets receive a stipend of between $300 and $500 a month, and $1200 per year, to defray the cost of books. Additional information on the four-year scholarship, as well as the application, is available on the Army ROTC Web site.

The University of Richmond also provides additional financial support to our cadets:

The Vernon W. and Elsie Eldridge Satterwhite Memorial Scholarship
$45,000 worth of merit scholarships per year

The Satterwhite Scholarship is an endowed scholarship, meaning it is a permanent source of funding and the amount to be awarded each year is determined by the University’s spending policy for such scholarships. It was established by Vernon and Elsie’s son, William Eldridge Satterwhite, a World War II veteran who attended the University of Richmond after his wartime service. Vernon Washington Satterwhite was also a veteran, serving in the Navy during World War I.

The Satterwhite scholarship was first awarded in the 2006-07 academic year, after the death of William Satterwhite. Recipients of the scholarship must be ROTC cadets. The scholarship may be awarded to entering students or currently enrolled students, and the amount of the scholarship may be awarded to one recipient, or smaller awards may be made to several recipients.

The Robert L. Fergusson Scholarship
$30,000 worth of merit scholarships per year

The Robert L. Fergusson Scholarship is not an endowed scholarship, but is funded by the University’s operating budget.  The funds were first made available by Provost Zeddie Bowen, to insure that the UR Army ROTC would continue, by enrolling first-year students to the program.

The scholarship is named in memory of Lt. Robert L. Fergusson, Richmond ’66, the first casualty suffered by a University of Richmond alumnus during the Vietnam conflict. Lt. Fergusson entered the US Military Academy with the Class of 1966 and subsequently graduated from the University of Richmond with a BS in Industrial Management. While at the University of Richmond, he was Cadet Commandant of the ROTC and was designated a “Distinguished Military Student.” He was wounded on October 8, 1967 while acting as a forward artillery observer with the 101st Airborne Division. He was en route from Saigon to Walter Reed Hospital when he passed away on November 8, 1967 in an Army hospital in Japan.

Longwood University also provides room and board scholarships totaling $30,000 per year.

If you missed out on the scholarship opportunity in high school, on-campus scholarships are available for students currently enrolled in college. If you don't think active duty following college is right for you, scholarship money is also available through a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) path to commissioning. This option allows you to serve in the Army Reserve or National Guard, while holding a regular civilian job.